The Unification of Self & Liberty

Or The Second Amendment - Time To Shelve It
Or The Unification Principle: Self
Or The Natural Man - Self Owner - Moral Centralist
Or The Constitution of the Self

The Universe is Real & You are real

If the universe is a real thing, physically real, then we must accept that our consciousness is real. We must accept that through our responsibility for living to have respect for our own lives. We must accept that in this real universe, we set our values because we directly measure our lives.

That each individual owns his own person, right down to how often they breathe. 

In this new book, we talk specifically to a metaphysics of reality and an Ethics based on this notion of self-worth: You are not property.

You cannot be bought. Your time can not be taken from you. Your energy cannot be enslaved. Your values cannot be defined for you. Your measure of right or wrong is yours. No entity can gain authority over you. The act of any agency, be it your family, your community, your State, your country, saying they can force you to act is slavery.

Because no man can be the property of another, no agency - regardless of how intelligent its capacity to write texts - gains authority by its words over the individual. No document can measure a man's life, define it, and then force him to live inside it. No small box of thinking can be the cell an Individual should be forced to live in.

Since no text can own a man, the text themselves can only be gauges by which he can determine his life. The power of this determination is owned by the Individual. The agency of State has zero say in how the man reflects on his own life. Zero. Thus, the State must resort to violence to get its way. Violence is immoral and destroys any requirement for a notion of Ethics. The state must initiate force and this is always anti-Ethical. The criminal is the one that points the gun.

This book is a continuation of the first book for those that have moved down the path of morality. It is a book for those that have come to value, to sense they are the origins of their Ethics. They are the reward of their work, their actions and no man owns the authority to condition them.

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